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Low Voltage Testing and Commissioning 

Testing & Commissioning

At Protek(UK) we can undertake both static Testing of your Installation to ensure its quality and safety to “go live” and then carry out a full commissioning service (dynamic testing) to ensure the system performs to its design intent and specification.

All our commissioning activities are individually assessed and often the stringency of our testing exceeds the manufactures recommendations. All testing and commissioning activities will always be communicated and agreed before any work is carried out. We are specialised in Electrical Consultancy, Electrical Inspection and Testing, Underground Cable Tracing.

Our testing and commissioning activities include:

  • Panel wiring verification

  • Panel drawing verification

  • Low ohm resistance testing (Ductor testing)

  • Panel voltage withstand testing (Flash testing)

  • Full CT testing, including insulation resistance tests, polarity, ratio and primary injection

  • Full VT testing, including insulation resistance tests and ratio tests

  • Transformer vector group tests

  • Transformer flash testing

  • Full protection set up and test

  • G59 commissioning

  • Full functionality testing

  • HV cable testing – DC

  • HV cable testing – VLF

  • LV cable testing

  • Inter-tripping checks

All our tests are recorded in great detail and all documentation will be provided upon completion.

Full and comprehensive commissioning ensures you experience the least amount of issues during the lifespan of your equipment. It also enables future servicing and repairs to be made easier, with the use of up to date drawings and the backup of the previous commissioning activities.

However, our services don’t stop there. From pressure testing and earth installation testing to cable fault location, lightning protection and more, we are (literally) the first name in power testing. 

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